dx-code Sticker

Developed and introduced by Kodak in the early 1990s, DX encoded film cartridges were widely used until the digital shrinkage of the industry. It was extremely convenient and, especially in the case of many so-called noble compacts, it was necessary to use such machine-readable film cartridges, since manual adjustment was not possible at all.

Nowadays it is the small film producers, then the lovers of so-called noble compacts, self-rewinders and those who have carefully checked in their films, who want an automatic manipulation of film sensitivity when inserting their films.

The Castle Labs have thought and developed a method for the production of DX-coded stickers. Thus, it is now possible to provide each 35mm film with a DX code and the camera to transmit an individual film sensitivity. The stickers are not permanently adhesive and can serve as a “slip” in the further processing. The small memo pad makes a special sense for frequent photographers who want to provide their films with a number or other information.

dx-code Sticker positioning

Tips for use

  • The sticker is attached to the film cartridge as shown in the picture above.
  • For better adhesion, the sticker between the thumb and forefinger can easily be brought into a shape corresponding to the film cartridge, so that it better accepts the rounding of the film cartridge.
  • The sticker should not be applied far ahead of the cartridge as it does not adhere permanently.
  • The detected ISO sensitivity should be checked before starting. If the ISO sensitivity does not match the ISO printed on the sticker, then the sticker is too far from the edge of the film cartridge and the position must be corrected.

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